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In 2002, I found myself between jobs for the first time in my life and thought back to what I enjoyed doing as a child. Working with wood and metal in my middle school art classes, combined with my love of design and a drive to give back sparked a passion to create and dream big with my dyslexic mind. I created my first Cyndy Esty Green Purse in a week, and started selling them within a month at an art show in Boston. My mom later surprised me by mentioning that she made very similar purses in the 50's as accessories to the "Mommy and Me" outfits she designed! 1800+ signed and numbered purses later, Cyndy Esty bags are still giving back -- through auctions & donations. 

Cyndy Esty, an American handbag designer, has established a collection of avant-garde purses, with refined detail and all made from recycled hard wood. Designed on the East Coast, these timeless handbags are the "must have" bag for special occasions, giving each client a unique statement item for every moment. Cyndy has combined her love for fine handbags with her love for giving, closely dedicating the spirit of each handbag to the spirit of generosity that fuels her art. Esty bags have been gifted to celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Gayle King and more. Cyndy believes in "fashion for change," and uses the Esty Collection as a platform for voicing the power of philanthropic causes worldwide.